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heroistic ☆彡

Knight in Rusted Armor, Panda Hero/Miku, PG-13

6/14/11 06:03 pm - nanakibh - Knight in Rusted Armor, Panda Hero/Miku, PG-13

Title: Knight in Rusted Armor (Chapter 2)
Author: Nanaki BH
Pairing: Panda Hero/Miku
Words: 3320
Warnings: Not really anything.
Summary: Miku attempts to earn her stay in her savior's home.
Notes: Fill the "service" square on my kink_bingo card.

That was a really... strange smell.

Miku crinkled her nose and her legs stretched out on the bed all by themselves as her muscles worked on waking up. She was laying on her stomach, which she immediately recognized as unusual because she was used to sleeping on her back. The position had put her face directly into the pillow beneath her and something about it smelled different from usual. Still mid-stretch, she rolled over onto her side and then knocked into a wall before she was able to make it onto her back.

An undignified sound escaped her mouth when her face smacked into the cold wall and she pulled away in surprise, rubbing the sore spot on her nose.

“Who put a wall here...?”

She blinked her eyes open and looked at the offending wall which looked very distinctly different from the one she had in her room - and the lighting in the room was all wrong.

The events from the previous day came back slowly as she sat up in the bed. Her hands fell into her lap and she felt along the wrinkled edge of the skirt she had fallen asleep in. She didn’t have anything with her now. Stupidly, she had left everything in her apartment room and had been too shocked to do anything like go back and gather what she could. Now, who knows what had happened to any of her stuff. What she was wearing now was really all she had.

And this bed was like hers on loan. It was even more hers right now because the Panda Hero wasn’t there to take up half of it.

Where was she, now that she thought about it? Was she out fighting crime in her special way? That figured. Of course she would leave her alone, sleeping in a room with a door that barely locked. Though... Even if she had left her, Miku got the feeling that Gumi was like a lioness as Panda Hero; if she got abducted, she’d surely come looking for her. Right?

She nodded to herself and tried to assure herself that that was the case. Until Gumi came back from where she was, Miku would just have to find something to do around the room by herself. Heaven knows she didn’t want to leave when those guys were probably out looking to exact revenge upon the two of them for beating them and leaving them there like that . She didn’t want to think about the kinds of things they would do to her now after that.

She got up from the bed and groaned as she stretched left and right, hearing a number of bones pop along her spine in the process. That felt kind of nice, but the lingering soreness from sleeping in an unfamiliar bed didn’t.

Placing her hands on her hips, she scanned the floor with her eyes and determined that a bit of straightening was in order. After all, she had promised Gumi that she would do something to earn her keep, so cleaning up a little would be the least that she could do. After a few more deep breaths and stretches, she felt awake enough to tackle the task, so she got down on her hands and knees and started with the magazines that were laying out.

It didn’t seem right to throw any of them out when she had so few things, even if some of them were years and years old. They were all different kinds of magazines, but she seemed to have a favorite subject: music and singers. When Miku realized the similarities on the pages that she had left open, she started dog-earring them for her to keep her place, then began stacking them up neatly on the short circular table in the middle of the room. Working around the room, she eventually picked up each one and had them forming two sizable stacks in no time.

Her head swam a little when she stood up, reminding her of how long it had been since she had eaten anything, but the accomplishment she felt for cleaning up some made it feel bearable. After wiping the back of her hand across her brow, she sunk to the floor.

Was it as hot as she thought it was? Summer had indeed been heating up lately, but she hoped she wasn’t getting sick because now would be a very bad time for that. It was probably just the awful lack of air conditioning and the fact that she was trapped in what was basically a basement without any windows to at least give her a breeze.

Miku dragged herself on the floor over to the table and put her head down, pillowing her head with her arms.

She didn’t even realize she had fallen asleep until she heard the door being pushed open. She awoke this time with a start, but tried to calm the rapid beating of her heart when she realized that it was only Gumi. That was, Gumi and a grocery bag.

“Is that what I think it is?” she asked, unable to contain her enthusiasm. A brown grocery bag most likely meant food and she was more than ready to eat.

Gumi knelt down on the opposite side from Miku and placed the bag down on the table. Miku rose up a little on her knees to try to get a peek at what could be inside but Gumi tilted the top of the bag toward herself and Miku groaned. Her head fell back down onto the table, but with more force than she intended. Why did she feel so dizzy?

“Hey,” Gumi said, reaching out a hand to touch her shoulder. It took her a few seconds before she even realized that she was shaking her shoulder. “What’s going on, are you alright?”

Miku slowly lifted her head, but it felt like someone had put a ton of bricks in her head and her brain felt like goo. “Food,” she mumbled. “Fooood.

If looks could kill... But quickly, Gumi’s look of disdain dissolved into something that Miku may have been able to mistake for... concern? Her tired, exhausted brain told her to ignore that, though. It didn’t sound like Panda Hero to be concerned about anyone. It was already confusing enough that she was letting her stay in her home. She was surprised she had brought home food for her, even.

Food, right. It must have been her lack thereof that made her feel like this.

Whatever, it was alright. She had to wait for Gumi to unpack the things anyway, so she would just keep her head down for a few more minutes. Her eyes stayed closed as she listened to Gumi get up and move around the room, hearing the bag crinkling as it was opened and the sound of things like cans and boxes being set down on the table. There was a familiar dull rattling sound which reminded Miku of a cereal box, but that was silly. Where would she keep the milk for it if she didn’t have a refrigerator? She couldn’t eat cereal without milk. Nobody did that.

An indeterminable amount of time later, Miku felt fingers being placed under her jaw, a hand gently cupping her chin.

Her prince? Was this... a kiss?

No, no wait... Warm... Hard... Metallic.

Okay, it was a spoon. Gumi was holding her chin and putting a spoon to her lips like she was some kind of child. She would’ve complained about it, but the next second, Gumi was tilting her chin and she didn’t have the room for words when her mouth was filled with soup; hot, glorious-tasting soup.

“I’m not a kid,” she mumbled after her first mouthful, opening her eyes weakly to try to glare at Gumi.

“If you’re staying here with me, I won’t allow you to get sick. You wouldn’t be of any use to me.”

Despite the way that she said it, there was a flush to her cheeks and a twitch in her eyebrow that convinced Miku that she was at least a little concerned about her.

“Do you like what I did with the place?” she asked after another spoonful. Gumi was still doing that for some reason, even though Miku was pretty sure that she could handle holding a spoon now herself.

Surprised, seemingly realizing that things were indeed different around her area, she looked around with widened eyes. In the next second, she was looking back down at Miku again, trying to maintain a look of indifference. “It’s not bad. If you’re going to be my maid, then I suppose that’s suitable.”

Her ‘maid’, huh? Then perhaps she was going to have to get an outfit... She always wanted to try dressing like that. Maids were really cute.

“I’ll get a costume! Then I can clean up all your messes and you can smack me on the bottom with my feather duster if I don’t clean something well enough!”

After that comment, Gumi stared and the spoon almost fell out of her hand. Miku caught it in the nick of time and popped it into her mouth without spilling any of it. It would have been a waste to let such delicious soup go to waste by letting it spill on the floor.

“By the way,” she continued, as if oblivious to Gumi’s mental shutdown, “where did you get this? It’s amazing. It tastes like a hundred bucks!”

Gumi sat up straighter, returning the stoic look to her face. “It probably was a hundred bucks.” Miku tried not to choke on her next bite. “I got it from a friend who works at a restaurant. That was left over from breakfast, so he let me have it.”

“Wow... It must be a really rich place if they have different soups for breakfast. I always thought that soup was just soup no matter what time of the day you were having it at.” She peered down at the plastic bowl Gumi held close to her as if it were a treasure. It practically was a treasure when Miku realized that it must have been something that cost about fifteen dollars a bowl or more. To be sharing something that nice... What was Gumi thinking?

“Stop giving me that look.”

“But you don’t have to-”

She forced the spoon to Miku’s lips again. This time, Miku kept her lips sealed, furrowed her eyebrows together, and gave her a very confused look. When Gumi didn’t back down and lower the spoon, she supposed that it would be no fighting her... so she closed her lips around the spoon and ate it.

“You’re just really cute.”

“I knew it!” Miku exclaimed, still chewing. “You’re keeping me as your pet now!”

Gumi sighed and stuck the spoon back in the rich soup, then pushed the bowl over to her new companion. “Whatever. You’re a human so you can use your own damn hands and feed yourself.”

“Hey, hey, don’t go getting mad now.” That stung. She didn’t have to start swearing now, did she? “I’m still just wondering why you’re doing this for me. It’s natural for me to question someone’s kindness around here, isn’t it? You would too, wouldn’t you?”

The one known as Panda Hero looked much more human when she was cornered and questioned about her uncharacteristic actions and intentions. Pulling off her hat for a moment, she ruffled a hand through her pink hair and then tugged it back on a little lower as if to try to hide her eyes. “I thought I already told you,” she said. “It wouldn’t be right for me to leave someone like you alone out there.”

Miku gasped. “Don’t tell me - you saved me and now you’ve fallen in love with me!”

She was probably going to have to stop using so much sarcasm; it looked like it would give Gumi a heart attack. Part of her wasn’t kidding when she said that, though. Miku liked to play around, but there was truth behind every laugh she ended her sentences with. What other reason was there for her kindness? Whether she wanted to keep her as a pet or a maid, what Panda Hero probably needed most was someone to keep her company in this horrible town. Miku was glad that someone cared about her, but now that she thought about it, Gumi was probably even more happy to have someone around her who wasn’t afraid to be in her presence.

Miku stared down into the bowl of soup wistfully. While Gumi got up and continued unpacking their food, she thought about what she could do to repay her. She trusted her now and she knew that cleaning up her floor wasn’t enough for this kind of kindness.

The next day, Mike woke in a similar way to how she had the day before; staring at the unfamiliar wall, at first confused, then remembering her surroundings. She rolled out of bed, wearing an oversized shirt that Gumi had given her as her temporary pajamas. Truth be told, it was comfortable enough to become her permanent ones, though.

Gumi was most likely out at the restaurant again, getting food from her friend. Or... maybe she was doing something else. It was hard for Miku to tell when she really didn’t know what she got up to when she wasn’t looking. Panda Hero came and went like a rat, she had heard. She could be seemingly in two places at once, according to some people... but that was probably a result of conflicting stories.

Today, she was going to be her maid.

She had no idea where she was going to be getting the outfit, though... That was probably the most important part of the act and she didn’t have anything like that sitting around. She hardly had enough clothes right now for herself and none of Gumi’s things looked cute enough to work for that role.

The shirt was long enough so...

She pushed down her skirt, stepped out of it, and folded it back up neatly and placed it on the bed. For good measure, she pulled the shirt over her head, unclipped her bra, and slid the shirt back on. Panties and oversized shirt it would be. Gumi had given it to her with the intention of oggling her in it, hadn’t she?

That felt unexpectedly nice. She couldn’t even remember the last time she had worn a shirt without anything on underneath and it felt practically indecent. Alhough, now that she had her ‘outfit’ for suitably traipsing around to dust things and look cute, she wasn’t sure what all she was going to do until Gumi arrived. The whole point of looking cute was to do it in front of her.

Her biggest fear now was that Gumi might not even appreciate this kind of thing. The night before, she seemed pretty interested in her, though. And if Miku wasn’t going crazy, she even realized that she was starting to like her a lot, too. It didn’t really matter to her that she was also a girl.

There wasn’t much time for her to continue wondering about that when Gumi once again came through the door, carrying her brown bag of food. As soon as she walked into the room, all it took was one look at Miku and she nearly dropped the bag right on the floor. Miku quickly rushed to her aid and grabbed the things from her before they could fall, then shimmied her way over to the table and set them down.

“Today, I’m going to take care of you!”

There were no words coming from Gumi that could even be identified as words as Miku took her by the arm and led her down to sit on her side of the table. Miku rounded around to the other side and started shuffling through the items in the bag. She could tell already from the fragrant smell wafting up into the air that whatever she got would be tasty. On the top of the bag were some fresh rolls and beneath that, she found another covered bowl of soup.

“I’m not sure what you plan on-”

“Hush,” Miku insisted, pulling the spoon out from the bag along with the bowl. The next second, she held out the spoon to her, expecting her to eat. “Here you go!”

Was she looking down her shirt? With the way she was leaning across the table to hand it to her, Miku had no doubt that her shirt was gaping at the neck and she felt a bit of pride in the fact that Gumi was trying to keep herself from openly staring at her. She really hoped that she wasn’t embarrassing her, but...

What would she do if Gumi stopped resisting? She was kind of ‘offering’ herself again in a way, wasn’t she?

“What are you expecting me to...?”

“Eat,” Miku explained, pressing the edge of the spoon against her lips. “I want to do something for you that makes me seem worth keeping around. Uh...” That came out weird and made her really sound like she enjoyed the thought of being a pet or something. “I mean, I want to do my share.”

Black-ringed eyes softening, Gumi parted her lips and closed them around the spoon. Miku watched in quiet fascination as she pulled away, her lower lip glistening. It smelled really nice and she really wanted to try some of this one - her stomach was growling so loudly - so she stuck the spoon in her mouth for herself and groaned in a way that could only be described as erotic.

“This is amazing...”

“It is,” Gumi agreed, but she was staring intently at her. Miku felt her cheeks heating up under such an intense gaze and she let the spoon fall back into the bowl with a soft clink. “I don’t think you have to worry,” she said, leaning across the table until she was so close, too close. If she got any closer then they would... “You make the food taste better.”

The only thing that Miku could think in that moment was

So this is what a girl’s lips feel like.

Eagerly, she kissed her back and realized that they both tasted like soup, which went from being delicious to sort of gross under this condition. Once she got her thoughts away from that strangeness, she focused all of her attention on how soft her lips were and the way their tongues felt pressed against each other. Between her appearance and the sweetness of her kiss, it was almost as if Miku were kissing a completely different person.

“A-ah, you have...” Her hand searched blindly to the side until she found the napkin she was looking for and lightly dabbed at a spot next to Gumi’s mouth. “There.”

She was really being seduced by the Panda Hero. It was almost unthinkable, but there they were. Miku’s eyes flitted nervously around the room until they arrived back on the bowl of soup, the steam on top waning as it got cooler. Not wanting to let it go cold and feeling confident in her ability to be a maid, she took another spoonful and held it out for Gumi.

An unexpected grin crossed Gumi’s lips and it looked hard for her to even open her mouth while she tried to repress it.

Miku was going to make sure she ate every bite. Then they could share whatever she had left in that bag together.

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