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heroistic ☆彡

BV10: Sparks Will Fly

11/21/11 03:05 pm - nanakibh - BV10: Sparks Will Fly

Note: This chapter's different. It's the first one I've made that isn't from a prompt on the kinkmeme. This actually fills the 'electricity' square on my kink_bingo card. 6 v 6 I meant it to be something short since I haven't been able to write recently and it just... Well, I can't write anything short anymore.

So here you go. If you want to know what else is on my card, you can take a look at it and make suggestions if you like. I still intend to write what's on the kinkmeme, but a lot of these squares scream YURI/IVAN to me...

Ivan turned the page of this month's issue of Hero Monthly, scanning it with faint interest before flipping to the next page. Beneath him, Yuri Petrov, his human mattress, continued to patiently read his own literature; a four hundred-some page book by an esteemed author. He had his reading glasses on and Ivan found the sight of him in his megane a lot more interesting than what he was currently reading. Whenever it seemed like Yuri had noticed him staring, he'd pretend to go back to the magazine, though.

He tried to situate himself a little more comfortably on top of Yuri on top of the couch, but wound up digging an elbow into Yuri's stomach. Groaning, Yuri closed his book, grabbed him by the elbow, and moved him around himself as easily as if he were posing an action figure. The resulting pose found Ivan with one shoulder against the back of the couch and the other nestling snugly against Yuri's side.

“This feels a little...”

Yuri groaned. He picked up his book and magically returned to his page without the use of a bookmark, which prompted Ivan to wonder if he had been paying as much attention to what he was reading as he had been.

Warm fingers of one hand stroked though the hair at the back of Ivan's neck while he kept the book up with the other. “You're warm, so you can stay there. Just don't jab me again.”

Promising him that he'd keep his limbs in check, Ivan shifted just slightly to get comfortable again and continued to the next page of his magazine. Laying like this though, it was hard to keep his head up to read. If he let his head rest back, he'd end up with his cheek against Yuri's shoulder, though...

He probably didn't mind if he wanted him to stay there anyway, right? Yeah. It was hard to imagine what Yuri was thinking sometimes, but it seemed like this was an invitation to rest his head on his shoulder. It was just going to end up there anyway if he didn't move himself and he got the feeling that Yuri would kick him off of him entirely if he tried to move again, so he just... let his head down slightly... slightly... until cheek was pressed up against his shoulder.

He felt like he was going to give away how embarrassed it made him feel with how hot his face was going to get, but he stayed quiet. If it seemed like it bothered Yuri, then he would just excuse himself in a minute or two...

Was this cuddling? Was that a thing they did now? Kissing and hugging were go, but cuddling sounded like something uncharacteristic for his regularly stoic partner.

One of Yuri's hands returned to Ivan's hair and his heart sped up so suddenly that he feared it was going to burst. He was petting him like this was a totally natural pose for them. This was definitely a sign that they were a real couple now, right? Only couples snuggled and pet each other's hair and...

Ah. His hand was traveling down his neck and that worked on Ivan in a surprisingly fast way.

“H-hey,” he mumbled against his neck.

“Hm?” Yuri purred, sounding like he was aware of how this was creating an unnerving mental predicament for him. “You're fine.”

“Oh. Yeah.” He tried focusing on the magazine with some difficulty. “Just... Your hand...”

Yuri hummed again and slid his fingers under the back of Ivan's shirt to drag his nails gently between his shoulder blades. Ivan wiggled, becoming more embarrassed that his own embarrassment was starting to turn into... something else.

Nerves alight, Ivan turned the page again. He could hear Yuri chuckle softly, proving that he was aware of what he was doing to him. However, when he looked back at the magazine this time, his attention was drawn to the article that dominated both pages. Behind the text one page was a large photograph taken of Lunatic at night. The picture seemed to have been taken very close, which made Ivan fear for the paparazzo who snapped it, but then he realized that the article itself was actually an interview. With Lunatic himself.

“Hey.” Yuri turned his head to see what Ivan was looking at and sputtered, making Ivan grin. “Somebody actually got an article with your favorite! I wonder how they managed this...”

“Ah, that's...”

“Oh, did you see it already?” he asked, picking up his chin to look at him.

Yuri shook his head and put the book down on the arm of the couch behind his head. “I heard about some parts of it already. Online. I was meaning to check it out for myself. I want to see what the reporter had to say about him.”

“Seems sort of positive so far,” Ivan said, letting his eyes browse the bolded questions. They were pretty interesting questions. Maybe the guy who asked him the questions was also a fan or had known to come prepared. They asked him things about his values and what he believes is good for the city, which he responded to with answers Ivan felt like he had heard before. “This one's interesting,” he said, pointing to one toward the middle of the second page. “'Well?', it says, 'are you single?' Ha. What a question to ask Lunatic of all people. I guess that's a question that just comes standard with these magazines.”


“'Why would I bore you with the details of my personal life?',” Ivan read, trying hard to imitate the voice of Lunatic. “'Though I must admit, I have been having a rather interesting and electrifying time with a certain young... (laughs) No. I'll let you imagine.'”

Ivan sat up and closed the magazine, laying it down on Yuri's chest while he pondered what he had read. “What a tease. I wonder why he said that much, though... For some reason, I feel kind of jealous.” He stopped abruptly and shook his head when he realized that Yuri might take that the wrong way. “Well, you know what I mean, right? It's that feeling when you find out that one of your favorite famous people is in a relationship.”

Yuri laughed softly and sat up as well, dragging Ivan into his lap until Ivan's back was pressed against his chest. “I know. I'd be jealous if I heard that Origami Cyclone were in a relationship...”

“Oh? You're the type who'd want him all to yourself, aren't you?”

“I am,” he murmured close to his ear. For good measure it seemed, he leaned in and nipped at the lobe, effectively turning Ivan into a weak-limbed mess in his arms. “I would also say our relationship is electrifying, wouldn't you?”

Ivan moaned loudly, for some reason the word 'electrifying' making his pulse quicken. He had the feeling this wasn't going to end in roleplay again, but he loved it when Yuri brought out the deeper, dangerous sound in his voice that reminded him so much of Lunatic. Ivan knew that he personally would never have a chance of sounding like him with his weak voice, but Yuri was a pro.

“I bet he sounded just like that when he told the reporter guy that answer. It kind of makes me curious what his relationship is with a certain young blank. I wonder if it’s a guy... Do you think that’s why he didn’t want to say?” he asked, laughing. “I wonder what his idea of an ‘electrifying’ time would be...”

“You like the sound of that?”

It was an interesting word. It made him think all kinds of things and made him wonder about what it could mean. For all that he knew, Lunatic was also some kind of expert bondage master in his free time with a dungeon like Yuri's. Man, he could picture that. It was also possible that he was a lot simpler than he was giving him credit for. Maybe he was the snuggling type. Maybe he was both. But snuggling didn’t sound like a very exciting time, so Ivan decided it was safer to assume that he was the type who liked to play on the dangerous side.

“Sounds... dangerous,” he said. When he looked back to see Yuri’s raised eyebrow, he clarified. “He sounds like the kind who would like to... You know. T-try some... dangerous stuff.”

Once his mouth started forming the words, he realized how embarrassing it was for him to say. It was one thing to let Yuri do all kinds of things to him, but putting it into words was always a different story.

“Dangerous?” Yuri asked. “I wouldn’t... How dangerous do you mean? Suffocation? Blood-play?”

“N-Not... Well, maybe? I don’t know. A-are you asking me what I’d be into?”

Yuri put his chin down on top of his head. “We were talking about what Lunatic would be into. However...” His lips returned to Ivan’s ear and his hands slid smoothly to hold his hips. “If you want to try something a little more daring, you know that I’m capable.”

Daring? Well, he didn’t say ‘dangerous’, so Ivan didn’t feel like he had to worry. He never had to worry with Yuri. Still- But-

Why wasn’t he just admitting to himself now that he wanted to try all the dirtiest, daring things with him that he could? Honestly, he even had an idea in mind. The only problem was saying it out loud. It was silly to think that Yuri would judge him if he said it. It wasn’t like he was going to think it was odd or extreme like another person who wasn't as familiar with all the different kinds of... kinky things.

But he could just... say it. It was only one word. Maybe two if it were hyphenated. He wasn't sure, but he was going for it.

“E-electric stimulation.”

After a moment Yuri repeated him. “E-stim?” If Ivan wasn't mistaken, he sounded intrigued by the suggestion. Ivan didn't have any personal experience with it beyond videos, of course, but he had always been entertained by the thought of it. It was one of those kinds of things that sounded absurd for someone to even think of trying. Who just decides to electrify their dick? But then the videos he had seen made it look so good.

“I have no idea what it's like,” he admitted, bowing his head. “It... It sounds interesting to me, though.”

Yuri hummed again. While he was thinking about it, his hands were thinking on their own, though. Ivan shivered, feeling ticklish as Yuri's right hand traveled up his side. When his hand rose higher, his thumb rubbed over a nipple through Ivan's shirt, making him wiggle in Yuri's lap which had to be what he wanted.

“It's sort of like that,” he said at last.

Ivan turned around somewhat, thigh to thigh with Yuri. “How would it... be anything like that? I-it goes on my dick, right?”

“It can go anywhere,” he said, raising an eyebrow. “All you're doing is applying electricity to a part of your body. It could be anywhere if you have the right electrode.”


“The thing you're putting the electricity into,” he explained. “It's hooked up to a box that lets you control how much electricity you receive. The feeling is like how I can get a reaction out of you even if you’re trying to resist. It’s something you can’t help.”

By now, Ivan wasn’t really trying to resist what Yuri was doing, though. He was actually quite enjoying the way he was rubbing both hands over his chest, leaning back against him, surrendering to his touch. He chewed his lip while he considered. Was Yuri really proposing that they try it? Did he even have the means for them to do it? He didn’t doubt it. The closet in Yuri’s basement seemed to hold many tricks and secrets.

“Do you... have one of these electrode things?”

“The electrode’s not really the important part - it’s the control box. You could hook up a number of homemade things as long as you have a box. But yes, I do.” Yuri moved to get up and lifted Ivan up with him as he stood, placing him back down on another cushion. Ivan didn’t get to have another word before Yuri was out of the room, presumably to retrieve this box of his.

Ivan assumed he knew what it looked like. It was just a little square thing with some knobs on it. It didn’t sound like it would take a genius to figure out how to use it, but he still curious about how the whole thing worked and felt. The porn he’d watched didn’t exactly provide instructions and commentary. The videos just had some of the most erotic moaning he had ever heard and the reactions the guys had to the machine left him very, very curious.

He sat on his hands and tapped his feet together while he waited, feeling somewhat nervous for his new experience. When a few minutes passed and Yuri hadn’t returned, he started to wonder if he was meant to follow him, but then came the sound of Yuri coming back up the basement stairs.

“Got it,” he heard him say before he even entered the room. When he returned to the living room, he held up a carrying case and a pair of leather cuffs for him to see, then set them down on the table in front of the couch. Kneeling down on the other side of the table, he undid the locks that kept the case closed and flipped it open. Inside were its contents: a square control box, a cable, two rubber loops, and what Ivan assumed to be a tube of lubricant.

Yuri held up the item in question as he laid out the case’s contents on the table. “This,” he said, “is electrolytic gel, which means it’s electrically conductive. You need it if you want this to feel right. One rule, though. Don’t put it in you and don’t try to taste it. It’s not regular lube. I don’t want to come home and find that you’ve fried yourself from the inside out or something...”

Ivan shuddered at the thought and realized that he was even still sitting on his hands when they began to sweat. Yuri probably just wanted to make sure that he was going to play safely. Really no different than when he was little and his parents told him not to run on the stairs unless he wanted to slip and crack his skull open.

Ha... ha... Yeah, that was frightening. Maybe it was the thought of something pleasureful going so wrong. On that note, a lot of the things they did had the potential to go wrong, but the key thing was that Yuri had the experience to make him feel much less worried about it. He didn’t even know if he would want to do this type of thing alone. Part of the appeal was that Yuri was the one with the control in his hand.

“Clothes,” Yuri said - just one word, but enough for Ivan to know what he wanted. He gave the windows one glance just to be sure and breathed a sigh, thankful that Yuri liked drapes and privacy. He knew that his house was far from the road, but still...

He took off his jacket, his shirt, his boots, socks, pants, underwear, and folded them all nicely at the end of the couch. He didn’t personally feel like he was in a hurry and Yuri seemed like he was in a very patient mood as well, content to sit on the floor with his hands folded on the table as he watched him undress slowly.

On the inside, he felt like he was in no rush, but the outside was another story. The longer he took, the more he felt Yuri’s eyes on him and could feel the effect it was having on him. Part of him was definitely taking his time because he enjoyed being watched, but now he also really wanted to find out what that electro-jelly was capable of.

“Do I sit or lay down?” he asked.

Yuri was looking like he was thinking, eyes trained on him but unfocused with thought. “Just lay down for now. I’ll have you put these on.”

He picked up the two rubber loops and handed them to Ivan from across the table. He accepted them, but didn’t know what he was supposed to do. Slip them... on?

“You can put both on your cock or have one behind your balls if you want. Doesn’t matter as long as both are on.” Ivan had the feeling it was time for another lesson in physics. “The two form the circuit when they’re plugged in.”

“Gotcha,” he said, sitting back down with the two loops in his hand.

Plugged in, huh... The loops were hollow with a clip around each that made them adjustable. Ivan blushed again as he felt Yuri watching him trying to figure out how to put them on. It wasn’t hard, but his fingers felt as rubbery as the loops with him staring at him. One loop was slid on and he tightened it at the base, the other about halfway.

“Don’t make them too tight just yet. You still need some of this,” Yuri said, holding out the gel. “You have to make sure there’s enough under the loops.”

Ivan was surprised that Yuri wasn’t climbing over the table to do it himself... But he knew this was going to turn into something interesting since Yuri had that look about him. He had a plan in mind that he wasn’t telling him. So long as it wasn’t anything that would get him electrocuted, Ivan was okay with anything, so he sat back and did as he was told.

Once the gel was applied, Yuri gathered up what remained on the table and got back on his feet. Ivan felt nervous just looking at the control box; as innocent and inconspicuous as it looked, he knew that it was probably capable of frying his precious bits. Yuri loosened his tie and unbuttoned the first few buttons of his shirt as he stepped in front of the couch. He waved a hand to the side in a gesture that Ivan interpreted to mean “sit up”, so he sat up and scooted forward onto the middle cushion.

To his surprise, Yuri’s intention was to resume their position from earlier. He sat down on the end and slid his legs around either side of Ivan and pulled him up against his chest, into his lap. There was no complaining on Ivan’s side, just some surprise and some definite blushing.

Yuri held out the rest of the things in front of him. He laid down the box and cables on Ivan’s stomach and he watched him as he fiddled with the cuffs to get them open.

“Hm.” Reading his mind again, Ivan knew he had to be wondering where he was going to secure his arms. He’d ask if he really had to wear them, but that practically guaranteed that he would be. Having them tied in front of himself was sort of pointless, so the only other option was behind his back. As he expected, Yuri took his arms and pulled them behind his back where he slipped the cuffs over his wrists and buckled them.

Ah, the sweet strain of his arm muscles...

“So I guess this means you’re taking care of the rest.”

He felt Yuri’s hair brush against his shoulder as he nodded. “Yes and I want this to be a completely hands-free experience.”

Ivan swallowed, getting harder just at the thought of what would be coming as Yuri gently wrapped his hand around him to plug in the ends of the cable. That was probably the only time his hands would be touching his cock and Ivan whimpered when he took his hands away.

Then, to his surprise, he felt Yuri’s lips on his shoulder, kissing slowly as he adjusted the loops and picked the control back up from his stomach and began fiddling with the settings.

“I-I’m kinda... surprised...” Ivan mumbled, dipping his head.


“This position,” he said, wiggling against Yuri’s chest. He didn’t have his rear close enough to tell if Yuri was hard... Suddenly, he wanted to know. That wasn’t the point of him bringing up the position, though. It was just so... Comfortable. Personal. Close. Yuri had held him close before while they had sex, but for some reason, it felt different like this on the couch. His heart was beating too fast because of how affectionate it seemed.

Yuri huffed a laugh. “What better way to watch how you react? You’ll tell me when anything hurts, I hope.”

Ivan nodded for him.

“There isn’t much for me to do. All I have to do is push... one...” Ivan’s pulse waited for Yuri’s next move. “Button.”

Ivan’s legs straightened and and he pressed back against Yuri’s chest when he felt the first wave of electricity course through his skin. Then there was another and a moment later, another. It was definitely a feeling like nothing he had ever felt before. It was hard to even determine an immediate comparison for it, especially while his nerves were on edge each time he felt a new wave come.

“Good? It can go a lot faster than this.”

Good to know - but for now, this was good. He didn’t want to come too soon, which he totally would if he let Yuri turn it up any higher. The feeling was intense, the way anything was the first time he tried something new. For now, he just gave a tight-lipped “good” and tried to relax his shoulders.

That was hard. Yuri clearly had plans when he decided to get back in this position. The controls really didn’t need his constant attention. The pulses came in intervals, set to the program of Yuri’s choosing, which meant that Yuri’s hands were available to do horrible, wonderful things to his chest. He said he wasn’t going to touch his cock, but everything above his waist was apparently fair game.

Ivan would have called foul play if it weren’t wonderful, though. He really liked the way he bit his ear.

“Next time... tie my legs together.”

“Oh?” Yuri laughed, leaning down to give an approving nip to his jaw. “Mm. I’d like that, too.”

Ivan really, really liked this. The electricity, warm and tingling. Yuri at his back, admiringly running his hands all over him, murmuring obscene praises in his ear each time his body shook. The thing was, it was the kind of sensation that made him itch to be fulfilled. It made him feel like there was something right there and if he reached out just a little farther he could get it, but Yuri was the one with the controls. No matter how he lifted his hips or shifted his thighs, he wasn’t going to be able to speed up the pace or increase the intensity.

“You want more?” Yuri asked teasingly, sensing his frustration. Combined with the way he was rubbing and pinching his nipples, it was some of the most agonizing pleasure he had ever felt. It wasn’t the way he usually came and it felt like his body didn’t know what to expect and didn’t know what to do to reach his orgasm.

Ivan was glad he wasn’t gagged, but didn’t know whether any amount of begging would get him anything. “I... I can’t... I want...”

Was that even his own voice? The last time he heard a guy sounding so helpless and needy was in a yaoi manga. He would have felt more ashamed - if he even had the mind to feel anything other than want at the moment.

“What a tough decision. I really enjoy seeing you struggling like this, but I always want to see how you’ll be with a little more... Hm.”

If this was a low setting, then he knew that he could withstand a lot more than just this. Yuri was holding back just to frustrate him.

“What do you say?” Yuri asked, one hand running over his stomach, never going too low, the other hovering over the controls.

No thought, just, “Please. Y-Yuri-san...”

He focused his eyes to watch him work the controls. First, one button was pressed and Ivan noticed a slight increase in the intensity of the pulse. Then, he pressed another that changed the pattern of the pulses entirely, making them speed up and rest with an unexpected pace. His cock twitched, slowly dripping large drops of precum over his stomach.

It seemed that Yuri couldn’t help himself, dipping his fingers into the mess Ivan was making on himself, his fingers twitching, seeming to ache to wrap his fingers around him. Ivan struggled in the cuffs, straining his shoulders, wishing he could reach back and put his arms around Yuri’s neck, feel his hands running along the underside of each arm, wanting to at least be able to grab onto the couch firmly with both hands.

This was... more than what he expected. It wasn’t painful, but it was overwhelming. As the sensations built, he could swear that he could feel the electricity crackling everywhere, even down to his toes. When he lifted his hips, seeking the touch that was still out of his grasp, Yuri put both hands on his hips and forced him back down to the couch cushion.

“Ah-ah,” he admonished. “Good boys sit still.”

Lies, lies. He liked watching him lose control. Ivan let him know his frustration with a groan, tilting his head back against Yuri’s shoulder.

“Do you think you can take more?”

More electricity? Probably. More frustration...? He wanted to say no, but he knew that he could be pushed for a long time now before he really started to go crazy. It felt like they had been at this for a long time already, but in reality, it was probably only a few minutes so far. He really wanted to prove that he could withstand a lot, but if Yuri turned up the intensity any higher, he didn’t know if he would actually be able to keep hanging on. That extra inch felt like all he needed.

He nodded, unable to help himself. “M-more...”

There was one button to control the pattern of the pulses, one to control the intensity, and six little lights to show the level of the intensity. One light lit after three clicks of the button, each click adding gradually to the sensation, which meant that right now, he was only just up to... about six clicks, two lights. He was impressed that his head was clear enough to think about it, but all thoughts left his mind when the third light was lit.

That was definitely his voice, loud and embarrassing. The pulse hadn’t changed, but the intensity had gone a full stage up and he could tell. As long as everything was wired properly, he could go up to stage six without getting burnt, right...?

Stage three was starting to introduce a bit of pain beneath the warmth, the tingling becoming more forceful. He eyed the sixth unlit light wantonly and felt a little glad that he wasn’t the one with the controls in his hands. If it was up to him, he may have lost all self-control and ended up frying himself already.

“Good?” Yuri asked, leaning forward to stroke his hands over Ivan’s thighs.

Ivan nodded and could only gasp when he tried to speak. It was just right. Just a little more... He was getting really close now. It was probably the feeling of Yuri’s hands returning to hold his hips that sent him over in the end. He could feel his thighs shivering on their own, his toes curling, a his heart pounding so loudly that he could feel it in his head.

As he came down slowly from his climax, as did the intensity, toning down until Yuri reached the last click and it was off.

Now he just felt like a dead weight, limbs all loose, every muscle across every inch of him relaxed like rubber. That was... It was really good and made Ivan wonder if Yuri had any other things left in his special closet that he should know about.

“Alright, you can have your arms back now,” Yuri said, undoing the buckles on the cuffs holding Ivan’s wrists together.

Ivan smirked. “Good,” he said,” because I’ve been wanting to do this.”

Even if his arms were sort of numb from the elbow down, his shoulders stuck, his wrists feeling weak, he used the first second he had his arms free to wrap them around Yuri’s neck.


“Nmm.” Those weren’t words and weren’t really intended to be; just muffled sleepy sounds made into the shoulder of Yuri’s shirt.

“You’re still hooked up, you know. You’re going to step on the buttons.”

Oh, so he was right. He didn’t feel like suddenly getting some extra volts to his delicate parts, so he retrieved the box from where it fell off his stomach and placed it safely on the table, then rolled off the loops which had gotten kind of gross and sticky with lube. He made a sound of disgust as the second one came off, leaving a messy trail on his cock.

“Don’t get any of that on the couch,” Yuri said, staring intensely to make sure his upholstery wasn’t about to be ruined.

Ivan waved his hands at him and stood up, taking the cables along with him. “Fine, fine. I’ll just go wash these off- Oh wait... How do you...”

Yuri rose and took the items from him. “You should just go clean yourself up,” he said, eyeing the dried cum on his stomach. “Actually... Start the bath and wait for me. Don’t get in until I’m there. I’ll go handle these.”


He was trying to hold back his excitement. Yuri? Bath? Was he going to actually take off his clothes and get in with him? O-or was he going to roll up his sleeves and sit at the side of the tub and scrub him himself?

Kokoro doki-doki’ing in the most dazzling of fashions, Ivan picked up his clothes and ran himself off to the bath to prepare for further orders.


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