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heroistic ☆彡

BV14: Down and Dirty

10/22/12 04:11 pm - nanakibh - BV14: Down and Dirty

Note: This one isn't on the kinkmeme, but it is for kink_bingo at Dreamwidth. It's filling the "enema" square on my card. I was surprised by how easy this was to write once I actually started it and you may be surprised by the approach I took to do it.

Also available on AO3.

Ivan's bed was the only warm place in the whole house at the moment. Even though he had the heater running, it was like the air around him refused to warm up, a chill lingering that he couldn't get rid of. It was alright, though. He didn't mind staying in his bed and on a day like this with no heroing obligations, there was no reason for him to leave his bed anyway.

It was just going to be him and his laptop for today. Yuri had to be at the courthouse and he said there was something else he had to take care of, so if he was going to show up, then it probably wouldn't be until later in the evening. He might get a little bugged if he found him still sitting around in his pajamas, but Ivan wasn't going to worry about that until later.

Keeping his laptop balanced on his blanket-covered knees, he leaned over the edge of the bed and waved his arm around until the tips of his numb fingers came in contact with the object he was searching for. Grabbing it by the wrist strap, he pulled the charging cable out of it pulled it up onto the bed with him. He turned the device around in his hands to find the screen and pressed the power button. Last night, he was in the shower with Yuri for so long that the thing ran completely out of battery by the time they came back to the bedroom.

Yuri went home after that. Ivan didn't question it because he was just glad that he hadn't tried to check the camera out again. He promised that he would delete the contents after they were through with it, but after it spent so much time on the memory card, Ivan would have felt bad if it just got deleted like nothing ever happened. Sure, it was taking up a lot of space but that was easily fixed. All he had to do was move it to his computer.

He blew some warm air at his palm and reached over once more to open his drawer to get the USB cable for the laptop. After connecting them, he waited anxiously for his laptop to detect the camera's memory card. The second it came up, he clicked into the folder and dragged its contents onto his desktop.

Thirty minutes...

That must have been one huge video file. They had forgotten about it, after all... The thing itself had to be at least thirty minutes long. There were other things on the camera but that video was undoubtedly what was occupying the most space.

He hadn't given a lot of thought to what he would do with the video yet. All he knew was that he couldn't bring himself to delete it. The thought of watching it and seeing himself with Yuri was more than a little erotic. He wasn't ready to see what he looked like when he got shameless but he knew that he would probably find it more arousing than embarrassing. If the file was as large as he suspected it to be, then he was going to have to edit it down to a more reasonable size and that would surely give him the time to check it out in detail – frame by frame.

As he watched the progress bar slowly inch across the screen, he plunged his hands under the blankets. His fingers found their way under his shirt in their search for warmth and he jumped when he realized just how cold they were. Knowing that the warm skin under his shirt would help them warm up, he kept them there, rubbing his palms slowly over his stomach and chest.

That was... easily the slowest progress bar he had ever seen and it was painfully boring to watch.

It didn't take long for his thoughts to begin traveling in other directions, especially with his hands rubbing circles around his chest. The camera must have recorded some pretty interesting things. He was trying to keep his expectations as low as possible, but even if he accidentally blocked the lens with his ass for the majority of the video, it was still going to be really hot. His camera could record audio really well in a quiet room so he would get to hear all the sounds they made, even the slightest creaking of the bed. The thought of the sounds on the recording alone were enough to get him hard.

All too soon, he was having to push the laptop down a little to keep it from pressing down too hard against the front of his pajama pants. He stared up at his ceiling for a moment and sighed, cursing his predictability. It was alright, though. Yuri wasn't around to tease him for how easy he was to excite.

He was free to do whatever he wanted to do in his room today and he felt like he had all the time in the world, especially with that slowass loading bar creeping along. Ivan had a laptop in front of him and he knew that there were more interesting things he could be doing on it instead of watching that thing complete. There were things he could do in the meantime, like check out whether his favorite xxxtube user uploaded any new videos.

Leaving one hand under the cozy warmth of his shirt, he used the other to navigate to his browser to find the bookmark to Fettuccineocean's profile. (He silently questioned where he got that username from every time he visited his page. Even though he had been watching his videos and reading his comments for at least a year, he still never understood. Such was the nature of the internet, he supposed.) Absurd name aside, Fettuccine sensei's page was like one of Ivan's most treasured secrets.

Somehow, Ivan had stumbled upon this man's page while in a search for “research material” for his fanfiction. He was a highly experienced dom and if he didn't know better, he would have suspected that he and Yuri were one and the same. With the thought in mind once, he studied Yuri's figure and then compared it to Fettuccine in one of his videos just to be sure once and came to the conclusion that they were different people, which just left him with the more shocking realization that there was another man as talented and experienced as Yuri out there somewhere.

He had hundreds of videos and he was easily one of the most popular users on xxxtube, although when it came to free porn sites, there was no such thing as celebrity. Even if he mentioned his name outside, no one would know who he was talking about – which was probably for the best because he wanted to keep him and his videos all to himself. Although Ivan used his videos for references on many a fic, he wasn't about to even let his readers know about this man's existence.

The majority of his videos were magnificent, like works of art, but then there were some... Ivan knew better than anyone that he shouldn't judge, but there were some videos that he posted that he just couldn't get behind. There were, in fact, some things that Ivan found out of his league that he knew he wouldn't even be able to try. There were some rare instances where Fettuccine's videos made him interested in activities he previously found unpalatable, but there were still certain things...

Namely, this one.

Staring at his screen with a blank expression, he let himself re-read the title of his newest upload just to let it sink in.

Enema play (part 1/3)

Dare he...?

Generally, this was one of those things but if it was Fettuccine, then it sounded sort of interesting. What if he made it look hot? Was there a way to make that look hot...? Ivan hadn't even attempted to write a fic about that yet. That was due to a number of reasons. Namely, he worried about what other people would even think if they saw “enemas” in his tags one day. That would surely keep some readers away, which would be unfortunate if he tried his best with it.

The other big problem was that Ivan wasn't like the typical fanfic-writing pleb. He knew about the reality of how things worked, so if he thought “enemas”, he wasn't thinking about some kawaii yaoi story that involved something a little kinky. He was thinking about the dirty reality of it and all that it entailed.

And yet this did nothing to stop his boner at the moment, which had to mean something. He took a breath and tried to remind himself of how these things ended. It was probably going to be really gross and his eyes wouldn't be the same if he saw his favorite porn uploader involved in something like that. Then again...

part 1/3...

That meant that there would be more, right? The video wouldn't be complete. It was totally possible that he could watch it and get a safe taste of where it was going before it reached its inevitable conclusion. There was no guarantee that Fettuccine had even filmed that far into the act. Sometimes he liked to stop the recording before anyone even came just to give his viewers that same sense of strong desire that his slaves felt.

Regardless of what part 3/3 would be like, he knew that there would be no conclusion in this new upload, so he didn't have to worry. It wouldn't hurt if he just gave it a little peek to see... He was just curious...

Decision made, he clicked the video link and paused the video on the following page to give it a chance to buffer. (For some reason, it seemed like porn sites were stuck in the 90s with buffering that took eons.) While he waited, his eyes scanned the comments. The video had only just been posted a few hours prior but there were already tons of comments, just like always. On a video like this? Ivan found that a little surprising.

I'm soooo jealous of all these slave boys you've got. They're so lucky to have amaster like you!

yum yum yum love to watch that boys ass as he squirms around. You sure know how to do good work props

Wow, I didn't expect to find this so hot! Ahaha, good work as always! I can't wait for the other parts. Post them soon, pleeeeease!

holy shit I thought this was going to be gross. How do you make everything hot? Shiiiit do this to me too!! I'll pm you!!!

No way... Was it really going to be just like he thought? By the reactions, it sounded like he really did know how to make something like this hot. Feeling ridiculously curious about this now, Ivan quickly scrolled back to the top of the page and clicked on the play button.

The first thing that Ivan's eyes were drawn to were the beautiful, lean body of the slave, the subject of the video. Fettuccine always liked to get as much of his slave in the frame as possible, showing off every inch of their bodies in clear, loving HD. Ivan had his suspicions that Fettuccine was some kind of video editor for a living because he always put so much attention into his videos, going as far as to insert cuts and blur the faces of his slaves.

Even though he had hundreds of videos, he only had about three slaves. The guys were gorgeous; all tall, broad-shouldered, and smooth all over. Fettuccine had a type for sure. Ivan was embarrassed to even think it, but he knew that Fettuccine would probably take a liking to him, even if he weren't as tall and muscled as these other slaves. He had something in common with each of them so it was really easy to imagine himself in their places when he watched these videos.

Most of Fettuccine's videos took place in either his bedroom or somewhere on the floor of his living room. This was the first time he was getting a glimpse of his bathroom and, like he thought, it looked like the guy had some good money. The floors were sparkling clean white and black marble and just behind them, Ivan could see the beginnings of a very large bathtub. It reminded him a bit of the grand bathroom that Yuri had in his home.

It was a little silly, but Ivan had a bias on the slaves in his videos and this guy was his favorite, sleekslimslave. His body was probably the most similar to Ivan's own but that wasn't what made him so great. It was the way he sounded when Fettuccine put his hands on him. The two just seemed so completely comfortable with each other and sleekslimslave responded to every touch from Fettuccine with vocal appreciation. The other slaves liked to raise their voices, likely another trait of Fettuccine's type, but sleekslimslave's voice was so clear and erotic-sounding compared to the others. Something about it just got to him instantly every time.

If he weren't so worried about others finding out about this guy's page, he would write gratuitous fanfiction about them. They would probably find that extremely creepy if they ever found out, but... Ivan had already crossed that line ages ago with the other heroes and those were people he called his friends.

They weren't even really doing anything in the video yet. Sleekslimslave had been fitted with a cock ring sometime before the recording even began and they were already laying on the floor together, Fettuccine's face just outside of the frame to protect his identity. He had one hand on his slave's hip while the other was lazily caressing circles around SSS's taut abs.

Ivan sighed, taken aback by his signs of affection like always. He hadn't even realized that the hand under his own shirt had stilled until he started to rub it across his stomach in a mirror of Fettuccine's actions. Behind Fettuccine, a little to the right in the video's frame, he could see the apparatus he was going to use and Ivan felt himself pale a little, knowing where this was going to be heading.

Still, his arousal acted as if it were completely heedless of this fact. All he knew on a fundamental level was that SSS was ridiculously attractive and his master was about to show him one of the world's most forbidden kinks. In a way... Yes, maybe that was it.

That was what made this video so interesting and Fettuccine probably knew it himself. He was about to engage in something that he knew made people nervous and there was nothing that made somebody click on a video faster than the potential of seeing something you didn't want to see – like a train wreck.

That was a terrible comparison, but the feeling was similar. The fact that it felt forbidden was what was going to make it so good. It was a feeling that porn addicts and guys like Ivan himself knew all too well; the feeling that there was nothing interesting left to see. Once you reach tentacle porn, you've pretty much been there and done that all across the board.

But enemas were different. That was a kink on a different level, one that encroached on territory that caused even the kinkiest people to call someone else disgusting if they found out they were into it. But what if it was Fettuccine, who was known for his expert abilities as a master?

If Ivan continued to think about the reasonings behind the uploader's decision to create this video then he was going to have to write an essay about it, so he decided to keep his eyes on the video and just enjoy it for what it was.

Fettuccine placed his hand on his slave's stomach in a delicate gesture that he should turn over onto his back. Ivan could feel the sweat collecting on his brow as the enema bag came into view but his cock stayed strong. That was impressive, considering how unattractive he realized the words 'enema bag' sounded together. He didn't know what he had to anticipate, but he was anxious and ready for it nonetheless. He swallowed hard, eyes focused on the scene, waiting to find out where this was going to go.

The bag looked a lot like an old fashioned warm water bottle and the thought of that sounded a lot better than what he had previously been imagining. It had a thin tube attached to it and a nozzle on the other end of that so it wasn't hard for Ivan to grasp how this device was supposed to work. The slave wasn't even tied down for this one, which was a unique sight. He stretched out on his back and spread his legs a little for his master to guide the nozzle between them.

Once it was inserted, the slave moaned softly and the sound of it went straight to Ivan's dick, catching him off guard. He shifted, putting the laptop aside momentarily so he could push the thick bed sheets down his legs.

On second thought... That was cold as fuck. His temperature was rising a bit as he got more absorbed in the video, but it was no match for the coldness beyond the warmth of his bed. He quickly hit the pause button and quickly struggled with himself to get his pajama bottoms off. Once he threw them to the foot of the bed, he burrowed back under the covers and brought the laptop up to the pillow next to him.

He glanced around nervously, completely by habit. Even if he was alone, there was something about masturbating in a large room all by himself that made him worry that someone would walk in. Then again – and he cursed his dick's reaction to this one – that kind of thing was a kink of his now.

Ivan resumed the video.

He was laying in bed, but watching something like this made him feel like he should be somewhere more appropriate, like laying on the bathroom floor like they were. It wasn't like he planned on doing any of this himself at the moment... But just seeing it, knowing its potential to get messy, sent a certain shiver through him.

Beneath the sheets, he lifted his hips as best as he could while remaining on his side and slid his underwear down his thighs. The head of his cock caught against the edge of the waistband and bounced back against his stomach insistently when it was freed. As much as he wanted to touch himself, he ignored it for the moment and used his hand to click back to check on his video's progress.

It was still going too slowly, only about halfway done. It would probably be finished by the time that he was through with this video. He knew that getting even a glimpse of himself in that skirt with Yuri would be enough to make him come right away. A big part of him would have much rather been getting off to that video, but he knew that there was no way he could endure the wait. Not when Yuri wasn't around to make him stop. He lacked that kind of self control on his own.

It made him feel especially guilty when he thought about how much Fettuccine reminded him of Yuri. But then, if he thought about the two of them being in their place, then it wasn't like he was doing anything wrong, right? He was thinking about Yuri, not Fettuccine.

He nodded silently to himself and brought his attention back to the video. It looked like things were going to start getting interesting. Ivan hadn't watched a video on this subject before, but he was vaguely familiar with how it should work. The method the master was using was probably one of the more attractive methods and it would have probably been hard to make it look anything but arousing with SSS as the slave.

Ivan watched intensely as the nozzle was adjusted to allow the liquid in the water bottle to flow through the tube. The slave's moans were soft, yet growing. Ivan could only imagine how something like that must have felt. In theory, it sounded... pleasant. He had to wonder if having water flowing through him would feel anything like being come inside of. If it were anything like that, then he knew that he would likely enjoy it.

The slave was responding to the treatment with his usual verbal approval but what surprised Ivan was how hard his cock had gotten without even being touched. It could have been because he liked to compare himself to SSS, but he hadn't pegged him for the type of guy who would be so into this. That just made it impossible for Ivan not to imagine himself in his place.

His master smoothed a hand over his stomach and the slave groaned, tossing his head to the side to show the delicious, sweat-dampened length of his neck. Ivan was shocked to see that the video was already nearing the end and wished that he would mercifully upload the next part right away. As it was, he couldn't imagine this video coming to a satisfying conclusion with the minute that it had remaining. But that was always what Fettuccine liked to do. He wanted to hook his viewers in and make them as loyal as one of his slaves.

It seemed that the more water was added, the more intense the feeling became. The slave was panting quietly but whenever Fettuccine opened the nozzle to allow more water to pass through, his reactions grew more vocal, especially whenever he placed a hand on his stomach. And yet, his cock wasn't flagging at all. Ivan swallowed, running a hand over his own stomach in the same manner. He pressed gently over his lower abdomen and groaned, feeling his cock begging for attention against the back of his knuckles.

It looked like Fettuccine was going to make him take all the water that the water bottle could hold and the thought alone of that kind of pressure inside of him was so intense that it caused Ivan to whimper. Liquid probably felt very different compared to having something solid inside of him. He always thought that bigger was the better way to go, but liquid could go even deeper than anything else he could probably buy.

He knew what the ultimate outcome of their scenario would likely be, but it was the thought. The thought of having warm liquid coursing through the most sensitive parts of him, filling him up, was insanely erotic. Not to mention, even if it had to end the way he thought, if Yuri was there with him, watching him, then it would be one of the most intimate things they could possibly do together.

He finally wrapped his fingers around himself and narrowed his eyes at his laptop screen. Fettuccine really did always know what he was doing. With just one incomplete video, he made Ivan fantasize about something he never thought he would find appealing. Just like that, he made him want it. It made him resent him a little bit.

That was Yuri's job.

On the other hand, that was the bright side. His videos made other people jealous and wish that they had a master as skilled as him, but Ivan felt differently. He already had someone like him, someone even better, because while there were a few lucky slaves out there who had a guy like Fettuccine, Yuri was all his and his alone.

Would he want to do something like this with him if he brought up the idea as a possibility...? Yuri may have even considered it himself but just hadn't voiced it. Ivan couldn't deny now that he would be willing to try it sometime... Just once... Maybe when he was ready.

Until then, just the thought of it would be enough. Imagining the feeling of warm liquid pleasantly splashing inside of him like a wave, he thrust once, twice more into his hand and came into his palm.

By the time he was done cleaning himself up, the progress bar had disappeared and the video file was sitting on his desktop, ready to be opened. Without further delay, he opened it in a player to check its raw contents.

He felt his face heating up in just the first few seconds. He was used to how he looked in that outfit since he planned to make a dance video in it anyway, but the expression on his face was just too coy and embarrassing.

He paused it and put his face down on the keyboard.

While he had some things that Fettuccine's slaves were missing, he definitely lacked something that they were very good at: confidence on camera.


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